Sadly we have to postpone again – Last quarter moon


Yes – sadly we have to postpone again. Gutted. But we have rescheduled exactly a year later – and all tickets currently held will be valid – and – we’ve added extra dates !!! Yes … I know. It’s not an outcome any of us wanted. But currently humanity is besieged – and the only weapons we have are purely defensive.

It’s a humbling experience – especially if you are unlucky enough to have a Government that did not grasp the seriousness of the situation until it was way too late. To those of you in beautiful New Zealand – who are free to walk in the Sun, thanks to the wisdom of the great Jacinda – bless you ! Maybe some day we will be able to join you. But we have to be patient.

Onwards ! Somehow It’s gonna be ALL RIGHT !!!


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EARLIER: 05:08 10 February:

Magnificent new Last Quarter Moon photograph by my great friend Jamie Cooper.

Last Quarter Moon by Jamie Cooper - February 2021
Last Quarter Moon by Jamie Cooper – February 2021

Yes – most of us would call this a Half Moon ! But astronomers like to be different – and designate this the Last Quarter – being the beginning of the last quarter in the month before it’s New Moon and it all starts again. This was a couple of nights ago. So now the Moon is waning, its shape gradually changing into an ever thinner Waning Crescent as the days go by. And photographing these phases requires lots of resilience because they can only be seen shortly before Dawn. Jamie has lots of resilience ! And lots of skill.

It’s not generally appreciated what goes into capturing an astoundingly high quality image like this (try zooming in!).

Jamie has carefully controlled the exposure in a number of video clips of small parts of the face of the Moon, captured through his 8 inch telescope. Then he stacks only the best quality frames from the movie to minimise noise and maximise resolution. Finally he stitches it all together in a mosaic to form the whole image you see here. Amazing !!

Visit his IG to see more ! @jamiecooperphotography Rock on Jamie !

Yes !!!! You knew this was coming !

This stereo took Jamie and myself 10 years to create – but I think it was worth it ! There’s more than enough 3-D information here, thanks to the Moon’s wobble (Libration) as seen from the Earth.

10 year Moon stereo by Brian May and Jamie Cooper

Here the Kibration has given us effectively two viewpoints tens of thousands of miles apart. That’s our baseline to give us a monumental stereo image of our own natural satellite. Then it’s down to a few hours of aligning and polishing to get the best out of the stereo pair. It’s very tricky with this much parallax (differences between images) and this is still not perfect. But … I think it’s a keeper ! It might look even better if I put it up on my Stories and and you all turn your smartphones sideways and slot them into your OWL VR Kit! Don’t have an OWL ? Well, it might be the right moment to visit our Londonstereo website and grab one !

Cheers !


EARLIER 04.42 10 February:

We have an announcement ! 11am this morning GMT (London Time). See ya there …


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