Calling the Bri Army !!!



Calling the BRI ARMY !!! Words from your honoured captain ! A call to PRE-ORDER the luminous BACK TO THE LIGHT album NOW !!! And cajole all the people in your phone book to do the same !!!

Bless yo’all folks.

Brian May Calling the Bri Army 28072021

Transcript by Jen Tunney


Good evening folks, and especially good evening to the newly convened Bri Army.

I have been silent for the last few days and that’s because because really I’ve been immersed in a bit of a catastrophe in my house which has actually knocked our guts out, I have to say. The whole of our ground floor was inundated by sewage water and it’s really been pretty painful in terms of damage to the property, but also damage to a lot of our precious possessions and I think damage to our psyche.

We no longer feel safe and I think it’s the last straw for us in London because we haven’t felt safe for a long time here. It’s not the London I used to know and now it’s definitely not safe. London is prone to flooding and it’s going to continue.

So that’s why I’ve been a little silent and forgive me but…

Officers of the Brian May Army, may I say as your Commanding Officer, I’m thrilled that you signed up. I can’t believe the response. It was so immediate and torrential that it jammed the system, so I’m sorry if some of you got gummed up in that. But in the first, I think, four days, we got 9,000 people signing up and sold a lot of t-shirts.

Now, why am I selling t-shirts you might well ask. Selling t-shirts because I want you to wear them and spread the word so that people say, “Why are you wearing that t-shirt?”, and they will say, or you will say, “Because we need to tell you about Brian May’s “Back to the Light” album”. And that’s one of the reasons. It hasn’t escaped my attention that with a Bri Army of that proportion, we can do a lot of good in the world.

Now, I’m a person who thinks that music is worthwhile for its own sake, but I spent today [Tuesday 27 July] with Lord Krebs and some people from the BBC, making the documentary which I hope will finally end the Badger Cull, which is something which has kept me awake for many years now and I know we’re in the right now and I know it has to end – and they know. The Government knows. But it still takes time because these things are so entrenched.

There’s plenty other things. I remember the Save Me Warriors when I was on Facebook many years ago – no, not Facebook – on Twitter – oh yeah, Facebook as well. Seems like a long time ago, but we’re all still there, I think. We’re all still an army and I’m honoured that you might consider me to be your leader. I will do my best to be worthy as always.

So the first thing I’d like you to do as my Army, I unashamedly ask you – go out and make sure that everybody you know per-orders the “Back to the Light” album, not only everybody you know, but everybody you don’t know as well.

If you haven’t signed up, please sign up. It’s great to have you. The t-shirts are very cheap [like this isn’t]. I’ll eventually had to take it off. I was wearing it for too long. The t-shirts are just at cost. I must say I wouldn’t dream of making a profit out of them.

I’m very proud of this album. It’s the first in my Gold Series re-releases of my solo material, which hasn’t been available for years and years and years. I’m proud of it. I stand by, I think, every word on the “Back to the Light” album. I still feel I still endorse.

So please – do pre-order it. I would love to have a great chart position for it. Would mean a lot to me because it would mean I’m getting to a new generation and all artists want to speak to the people out there and get feedback and feel like you’re having a conversation.

So, that’s enough from me really. I’ll play you another little lick here … … <PLAYS OUT>


Resurrection guitar !!! From my album BACK TO THE LIGHT – available for pre-order RIGHT NOW ! Just click on my SLINK [or below] – where you can also join up for the Bri Army – and get Driven by You cost price T-shirt in your size !!!

Brian May: Resurrection guitar from my BTTL album 28/07/2021

Lotsa love
– Bri

Hey folks – say Hi !! This is my fantastic EMI team … who are putting their hearts and souls into getting my BACK TO THE LIGHT album out into the world.

This is (l-r) David, Sophie, Franky, Marisa and Andy.

EMI Crew

Notice the extremely fashionable T-shirts they are wearing !! Spreading the Word … Thanks guys ! OK Folks … those of you who (kindly) already have the recruiting DRIVEN BY YOU shirt …….. ——— take a photo of yourself wearing it – in the most glamorous way you can imagine – and post it, and tag me … and IF YOU WEAR IT – I’LL SHARE IT !!! OK? Well, if I’m technically capable !!!

Cheers Soldiers !!!


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