Many thanks Rachel [Johnson] – Too much of a tease ?


Many thanks Rachel. Very gracious of you. My God – your deluge looks even worse than mine. I feel for you – I hope you’re coping with the carnage. I’ve hardly slept since it happened – obsessively trying to rescue ancient photos and scraps of ephemera that now seem much more ephemeral … how many more people out there are wrestling with this disgusting mess ? I’m glad we’re on the same side – this issue urgently needs addressing.

I escaped today …

leaving all the flash flood sludge in my house behind … escaped to the video edit studio to put this Back to the Light vid together. I’m excited ! Is this too much of a tease ? Til soon folks … keep rockin’.

BTTL filming 01

BTTL filming 02

BTTL filming 03

OK – my day is done … it’s all glamour ! And now … Back to the Fight … against the damp and destruction back home But my skills with a mop are definitely improving …cheers all !