Making preparations for our talk

Brian making preparations for talk by Flory Garcia
Drawing by Flory Garcia

We’re making final preparations for our talk tomorrow – launching STEREOSCOPY – the Dawn of 3-D – from where it all began – we will be in King’s College, London, where Charles Wheatstone announced his discovery to the world – join us on line !!! Tomorrow !

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Brian and Denis preparing for launch

Tomorrow ! 7.30pm London Time (GMT) – I’ll be with Denis Pellerin launching our new book – STEREOSCOPY – The Dawn of 3-D.

It’s not too late to get a ticket to join us in virtual space – and we WILL be showing the slides in 3-D – so have your OWL VR kit ready – and your smartphone installed in it ! LINK HERE – but check on the British Library website – they are hosting us and will sell you a ticket to watch it live or any time in the following 48 hours.

Kings College have kindly lent us their beautiful chapel to physically deliver our talks. See you there !

Brian and Denis prepare for launch - parallel
Brian and Denis prepare for launch - cross-eyed