David Grohl’s expression – Letter


Mark McNaughton wrote:

Dear Brian,

Firstly; I would like to know how you have the energy to be Reading one night with My Chemical Romance, then three nights later to be in LA performing with Lady Gaga at the MTV music awards?

My reason for contacting you is to send this amazing still image of David Grohl taken from the MTV music awards. The expression on his face when you walk out on stage with axe in hand is priceless! You can see the genuine joy and excitement that you are there on that stage. What I love most of all about this picture is that it shows that he is genuinely surprised and thrilled to see you up there and that you managed to keep it a secret from a good mate of yours!

It would be nice to know if you’s managed to catch five minutes together for a chat afterwards and if so what did he say?

By the way, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, I haven’t seen you play with that much confidence in a long time. It was great to see!

Kind regards,
Mark McNaughton

Brian replied: