Back To The Light Tour – Belfast


Paul Johnston wrote:

Good Evening Brian

A letter on the page brought back some very strong memories.
You can’t possibly remember the gigs – but we do.

Belfast, Ulster Hall Dec 1993 (venue where Led Zep played Stairway to Heaven for the first time).

Raw emotion.
You and us still recovering from Freddie.
You sat on the edge of the stage and sang Love of my Life.
I don’t think you got it finished.

Then – you actually asked for requests! Honest!

Anyway – my point is – Belfast was still “in the dark” – and we ended up singing Teo Torriatte.
Can you imagine how we felt – singing the chorus in Japanese – unaccompanied.
You were moved – but boy were we surprised. No way 2,000 odd people in Belfast could
sing in Japanese.

Very emotional night – great music – a real moment. Still treasure it.


Brian replied:

That’s a great memory, Paul. Thanks for giving it back to me.

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So many great moments in the past. I wish I could live there sometimes.

But nobody can.

Right now I’m struggling to find optimisim.

Maybe having to look at all those awful things some people do to animals has destroyed my balance.

Can’t see the path ahead right now.

Need a better flashlight.