Toffs’ season again


Cliff Burton wrote:

Hi Brian,

Yes it’s that time of year again when the country Toff’s come out in force for the mass slaughter of what can only be discribed as one of the country’s most fantastic birds..the Pheasant!

Here in rural Oxfordshire I drove past a field last week that was surrounded by 4×4 farm vehicles, on one side of the field I counted 34 Toff’s, all with Guns and approx the same amount of “beaters” on the opersite side of the field! All the gunmen had dogs that are trained to retrieve the birds that are shot and bring them back to their owners.

I pulled-up on the side of the road to view what was happening and was appalled to see hundreds of Pheasants falling from the sky and ploughing into the field! Some of the birds were no more than a few meters away from the gun that shot them wilst others were higher and further away before falling. There was a pile of dead birds approx 2mtrs high in the corner of the field by the main gateway and every 4×4 truck was completely full of dead Pheasants, all hanging from a rack by their necks.

What gives these people the right to shoot these fantastic birds, just because they and also the land owners raise these birds from young chicks does not mean they have the right to blast them from the sky? What really annoys me is that after each days shooting the toffs all congregate at our local pub, park their vehicles outside the front with all the dead birds in full view, and then go in for a beer and brag to all the locals about what they have they have saved the world or done everyone a favour!


Brian replied

THANKS CLIFF. This is so well-written.

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Cheers and thanks