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Pankaj Pathak wrote:


Away from the unpleasantness of the distinctions between the deficit/debt…..

I am v much enjoying the Red Special Book, in particular the Buckingham Palace Chapter, and the tension of it.

But one tiny detail caught my eye, which was of your use of the E flat chord after the G before the rousing finale. This is a bit of a trademark of yours anyway (you did at the end of Too Much Love) and there are comparisons between that and D going to B flat (One Vision, Great Pretender etc…)

SO…. as you can see, it’s the kind of thing that excites the musical geeks among us a bit more, and I would love it if you could expound on things like this a little more, in particular the sheer number of Freddie’s tunes in E and B flat on the piano which therefore sound so pleasing on the guitar (and are probably unusual).

I’ll go away now…


Brian replied:

Hello Pankaj.

I’m sorry – I think I have made a couple of attempts to answer this message, but they have come to nothing!

Read repy on SOAPBOX

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Pank replied

Hello Brian

What a fabulous answer! Thank you. Of course, please do.

I think T-Rex might have done it too.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the magnificent Sparks at the Barbican (who once had a passing interest in someone…?). Their chord structures were also a delight.