One Voice video secrets – letter


Anna wrote:

Hello, Brian!

How are you doing? Hope now you’re feeling better about your eyes after surgery and they recover quickly.

You say on Soapbox there are a few secrets in ‘One Voice’ video besides the Japanese T-shirt. It has made me watch this (absolutely stunning!) vid for many times today. Also gave me an opportunity to enjoy listening to the beautiful song that has become one of my favourites lately – thank you for this little masterpiece!

Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed anything unusual so far but the fact that all these lights in front of you are you and Kerry – lots of Bris and Kerrys! I even spotted a bigger “picture” of you both appearing just for a second. (It was really difficult to make a good screenshot of that moment, eh)

So, is it one of the secrets as well? At least I can try to suppose, ha ha

Cheers, Anna
(aka your twitter pal Ms Curly)

Video secrets
Video secrets

Brian replied: SEE SOAPBOX