Letter: Queen – Christmas songs and the lack of official video(s)


Paul Gethin wrote:

Dear Brian

First of all, thank you for your music and for your championing of a number of causes with which I wholly agree (e.g. various wildlife issues and the state of democracy).

My two questions relate to a past comment by yourself that “we’d get around [to doing a video]” of ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ and to the rumoured existence of a Queen recording of ‘I Dream of Christmas’. Are there plans for a video of ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ – hopefully with some animation similar, in style, to that originally done for the ‘These are the Days of Our Lives’ video – and does a Queen recording of ‘I Dream of Christmas’ exist?

If viable, perhaps there could be a dual release of the two songs with appropriate videos?

With best wishes,

Paul Gethin

Brian replied:

A ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ video ? Well, Paul, this stuff is often talked about … but we never seem to get around to devoting time to it … there are always too many other things claiming priority.

It’s true that Roger and I looked at both of these songs when we were planning a Christmas single … but ‘I Dream of Christmas’ was never worked on by the band … it remained my demo. I developed it later for Anita, as you probably know, and it became her Christmas single.

Well, we’re heading towards South America pretty soon, so probably we’ll have enough on our minds for a while !




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