Adam Lambert and Queen are basically the Royal Glamily at this point

Royal Glamily
Here ye, here ye! Please rise for Adam Lambert and the members of Queen!

7 March 2014 by byron flitsch

When we heard that Adam Lambert was teaming up with Queen for a 19-date tour this summer, we hopped in our car and drove up and down the street with the windows rolled down, blasting “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the speakers and harmonizing in the highest octave for all the neighbors to hear.

So, basically… It was just another Thursday night.

Now that we have this Instagram photo of the “Glee” star standing next to Brian May and Roger Taylor, two of the founding members of Queen, let’s take a sec to properly pay homage to this royal glamily. Got a full minute? Print the picture out, and place it on the altar of your nearest homemade Glambert shrine while chanting the chorus from “We Will Rock You.”

Adam and the band have quite a history, FYI, performing on “American Idol,” touring Europe, and even playing the iHeartRadio Festival together. We cannot wait until they reunite this summer to slay the entire continent of North Glamerica. Plus, think of the tight pants Adam’s gonna wear onstage! Er, CONTINUE thinking about them, that is.