Adam Lambert discusses Queen Tour with Ryan Seacrest


Adam Lambert Interview on the Queen Tour with Ryan Seacrest 7 March 2014


RYAN SEACREST: You turned 30 and things do fall into place a little bit better.

ADAM: Yeah, I definitely think so. You know, it’s funny, I was just talking to the Queen guys about this today, when I first met them and the first couple of times we took the stage together, it was good, you know, it felt good. You know, just last year at the iHeart Radio Festival it just felt more grounded and kind of more evolved. You know we talked about a lot of reasons, but I think I feel more grounded or something. I don’t know what it is.

RYAN: Adam Lambert, Adam Lambert throwing out. You know, the Queen guys, Brian, Roger, Queen, you know, those Queen guys – the rock ‘n’ Roll royalty that you’re gonna be on tour with. Congratulations.

ADAM: Thank you so much. I’m thrilled.

RYAN: They are infatuated with you.

ADAM: Aww… well I am with them, so it’s a mutual thing.

RYAN: What’s the.. obviously you guys are from different generations, so what’s the dynamic like when you’re together?

ADAM: You know that’s what’s kind of cool about it. It doesn’t feel like a huge age gap. I mean they definitely have all of these amazing stories, and tons of experience and I try to just act as a sponge around them and listen and learn. It’s amazing, the things that they have to tell and the things they just know. But it feels, I dunno, it feels [real] easy with them. Like it doesn’t feel like there’s a big gap, and I think you can see it on stage. We have a lot of fun together and there’s a lot of impromptu moments….

RYAN: So this tour’s happening. Tickets are available March 14th at and for those listening to KIIS FM they’ll be in LA July 3rd at our Forum.

ADAM: Yes they’ve re-modelled it. I can’t wait. Never been on stage there. I can’t wait.

RYAN: How long’s the tour, Adam?

ADAM: It’s about a month, you know. Short and sweet, but we’re hitting a lot of cities and I think it’s gonna be this incredible, limited engagement type thing. Kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, for the band, for the audience. It’s gonna be crazy.

RYAN: Well, good luck man. I’m so excited for you. Have fun on the tour and we’ll see you soon.

ADAM: Thank you so much Ryan. I’ll see you soon.

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