Queen and Adam Lambert talk to VH1 at MSG Press Conference


Queen & Adam Lambert with Dave Basner VH1 Radio Network 6 March 2014

Brian told about the decision behind bringing Adam on board. He also discussed the set list, as did Roger.

BRIAN MAY: One of the great things about Adam is that he’s never an imitator. He finds his own way with the songs and that’s what we all want. We want our music to be alive and dangerous and open to change. You know, Freddie, particularly, would hate to have things kind of reproduced the way they were. We take it to a different place. It’s exciting and I don’t think we’d be doing it if we didn’t think we were actually going into new territory and every time we work with Adam, we do that. So I’m very happy. We were saying earlier on, what needs to happen is we need to be happy amongst ourselves. We need to be comfortable. Adam needs to be comfortable. Challenged, but comfortable. (laughing) And yeah, I think we’ll take a real careful look at all those albums and see what we can cherry-pick, and, you know, bring to a new place.

ROGER TAYLOR: We’re very aware of what we think people want to hear, and I think after I’ve been to concerts where I haven’t heard exactly what I wanna hear, so we’re gonna try and deliver that as well. You know what people would want to hear from a Queen concert, obviously the big hits and try and make it an interesting journey through the hits.

BRIAN MAY: The big problem is we have too many hits !!

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