Queen give update about Freddie Mercury biopic


Queen give update on Freddie Mercury Biopic Q+AL Press Conference 6 Mach 2014
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Last week, Queen announced a summer tour with Adam Lambert but that’s not all the band has going on. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have been working on a biopic about singer Freddie Mercury and Brian gave us an update on how it’s coming along.

BRIAN MAY: “The movie is about to go. Yeah, we will be shooting in May. At this point, Roger and I kinda step backwards because we have a great team to put the film together under the leadership of Graham King, who is, you know, probably the greatest independent producer in films. We will sort of let them do it and shoot it and hopefully it will be an interesting thing.”

The movie has been in the works for years now and Brian spoke to us about what he’s learned about the moviemaking process.

“I’ve learned a lot about films in this process. What you discover is films don’t really tell history, films are an entertainment and so that’s an interesting journey to make. You realise that it cannot be absolutely true. What is the truth? The truth would be different for the people telling the story, but it will be a hell of an entertaining film I think.”

Roger added his two cents about filmmaking.

ROGER TAYLOR: “It seems like the wheels grind slowly in the movie word. I’m glad I’m a musician.”

No word yet on when the film will hit theatres but the tour with Lambert kicks off in June. Head to Brianmay.com for all the dates.

TIDBIT: Ben Winshaw, who plays “Q” in the Bond films, will star as the flamboyant singer. He replaces Sacha Baron Cohen, who was originally attached to play Freddie but left the project last summer.

TALKING POINT: Did you know so much effort goes into filmmaking?

Translation to Italian HERE
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