Major Queen + Adam Lambert feature for Oz Sunday Night on 7 [date change]


STOP PRESS: (03/06/14) Channel 7 are now airing the interview across two segments now in the June 15 show.

Sundays On 7

Brian mentioned on his Soapbox page that the band had done some filming for Australian TV yesterday (29 May) – details are as follows: Major QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT story for the prime time TV program:

Airs Sunday nights 6.30pm on the SEVEN NETWORK.
Feature length story is expected to air – 8 June.

It is a news style programme which features entertainment and is similar in format to 60 Minutes. Ratings range from 1.2 to 1.5 million.

Rahni Sadler is the reporter. (She was lving in American when Adam was on American Idol and is a big fan.)

Rahni Sadler
Rahni Sadler