Nick Weymouth’s Notes from the Road Part 2


The taste of things to come…

Today is dress rehearsal day, the full run through of the arena show. Things just got real.

Firstly, thanks for all the feedback so far on the updates; I am not trying to be funny or clever, just throwing it all out there in the way that I see it.

Secondly, a little mention about the football. England lost, yes, but at least we played with a lot of heart and, I felt, we absolutely went for it. A bunch of us from the crew hit a very scruffy sports bar to watch the game. It was the perfect setting actually, a mix of hardened but entertaining barmaids, big screens, a rowdy atmosphere and us, a bunch of Brits providing a novelty for the locals. We left in good heart, with croaky voices and confidence after the game…I’m not sure if it was the pride in watching our young lions offering hope on the pitch or the beer if I am honest. Rock n’ Roll football.

Once again it was down to the rehearsal hangar for 8.30am after being picked up by Doug one of our drivers. Doug is great, the journey in the van is only a short one, but in every journey he manages to give us all a general US news update, crack several jokes and relay about three of his rock n’ roll stories in about 6 minutes, he really is quite the force of nature, but we love him. This whole circus is just full of characters and I was about to meet another…

“Nick, this is Neil.”

Neil Fairclough, the bassist for the tour, what a lovely man. What is it about Northerners from the UK? They are so damn friendly. He even admitted to reading my Notes From The Road blog, I thought he was just being nice, but he really had! Another thing about Neil is that he is so funny and entertaining, you can see why he got the gig, not only do you have to get on musically of course, but personally too. I could also hear Spike arriving outside the Production office; you ALWAYS know when Spike is in the house, a whole bunch of nonsense is normally round the corner. Not long after, Brian also popped his head in and gave us all a smile too.

Tonight we load out and lock up the stage and all that comes with it and get set for Chicago on the 19th, but before that tomorrow evening we have the our event down at the iHeart Radio Theater. This one off over in Burbank is small show for sure, but a big deal for the few hundred who are going to be in attendance, for which I am lucky to be one.

So how did the dress rehearsal go you ask? I know that is all you really want to know about. Am I going to give you any pointers of what to expect? I have already hinted at a few treats in the set list, but no, that is your lot I am afraid. Think about it though, this is a Queen show. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s loud and packed full of soul, that’s a pretty good start don’t you think? The music is not too bad either.

See you on the road!