Queen + Adam Lambert stage: The facts


Q+AL stage

From our friends at Stufish, facts about THAT Queen + Adam Lambert stage currently wowing crowds across North America…!

– STUFISH based the stage shape on Brian May’s custom made guitar (designed and made with his father in the 1960s). The stage is black gloss with a red chrome edge.

– The size of the guitar shaped stage is 21m wide and 34m long.

– The catwalk neck is 21m in length. This long catwalk enables the band to be surrounded by more audience than ever before.

– This is the most technically advanced show that STUFISH has created for Queen. The main feature is the 8 ton red chrome, oval shaped ‘Halo’ which is a kinetic lighting rig above the stage. It is 15m wide, 9m deep, 1.2m high and has 94 moving lights embedded within a series of mirrored boxes

– The ‘Halo’ allows for spectacular and dynamic lighting effects. It can move up and down from very high, to very low above the band. It can also tilt 45 degrees left-right, forward-backwards at great speeds to create the ultimate rock‘n’roll light show above the band.

– This show uses more custom video content than any other Queen show ever.

– Two see-through kinetic video screens allow the creative team to layer video and the band together. Throughout the show these screens are used in various formations to create dynamic effects with the band under, behind, on top or in-between the video screens for spectacular effects.

– One of the three on stage lifts is the large 6m wide lift bridge that rises to 4m. This allows Brian May to rise and be immersed in the video world on screen as well as Adam Lambert with his dramatic Bohemian Rhapsody.

– STUFISH is also responsible for the overall creative direction of the show together with Rob Sinclair (lighting designer) and Sam Pattinson, Third Company (content designer).

– STUFISH is proud of their long working relationship with Queen. This tour marks the third show design for Queen + Adam Lambert. 2017 also sees their latest set design for the hit Queen musical We Will Rock You, at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, Denmark (the 44th production staged).