Lemmy on Brin May and Motorhead “Bad Magic” album


Lemmy and Brian May

Loudwire conversation with Lemmy talks about Brian May’s involvement in new album “Bad Magic”, where Brian lends his skills to a track called “The Devil’, and how his involvement with Motorhead goes way back.

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Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister Talks ‘Bad Magic’ Album, Motorboat Cruise + More
17 August 2015

LOUDWIRE: On this album, there’s a guest spot from Brian May from Queen. Can you talk about how long that relationship goes back, and what it was like to get him on this record?

LEMMY: Yeah, he came onstage with us 10 years ago and did “Overkill” he went f–king cracking. I like Brian. He did this thing where he came coming at you like 1,000 miles an hour and he went down on his knees like they do in all the movies. I was very surprised. I was very pleased we got that out of him [laughs].  Read More

Motorhead - Bad Magic “BAD MAGIC” is released 28 August ON UDR Music/Motörhead Records