Rock star Brian May hosts Bovine TB Debate


09 Apr 2017 by Olivia Midgley

In a bold move by one of the country’s leading critics of the badger cull, Brian May convened vets, academics, scientists and civil servants in London to discuss new insights into the scourge of bovine TB in the UK.

Brian May

Huge amounts of time, energy and money have been wasted on the polarised debate surrounding bovine TB, former Queen guitarist and anti-badger cull campaigner Brian May said as he opened the TB symposium at London’s Imperial College.

Founder of the Save Me Trust, ardent animal rights campaigner Dr May organised the event to encourage all sides of the debate to come together and ‘open a new area of cooperation in the fight against this pernicious pathogen’.

“By bringing so much wisdom together in one room we hope to take a step towards establishing the whole truth about bovine TB,” Dr May said.

Delegates, paying £130 a ticket, listened to wide-ranging reports from more than 20 speakers considered to be leaders in research into the transmission of bovine TB, its effects on cattle and badgers, and methods to control its spread.

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