Brian May visited Wales today





Queen legend Brian May has been spotted in Swansea and this is the reason why… 17 Nov 2018 Queen legend Brian May has been in Swansea today for a very special reason. Badgers.

The lead guitarist of the famous band visited the Brangwyn Hall on Tuesday, and not for the first time, as Queen played at the concert venue in the 1970s.

Brian at Brangwyn Hall

He met Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart and cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, Robert Francis-Davies, where a new project was discussed to eliminate bovine TB from land in Gower, with the aim of saving cattle and badgers.

The 71-year-old has been a long-time animal rights activist, campaigning against the hunting of foxes and the culling of badgers in the UK.

Dr May wrote: “Life takes you in strange routes. Here I am in the beautiful Brangwyn Hall with the fabulous Brangwyn ‘Empire’ paintings on the walls. Not sure if I fully appreciated the full splendour of all this when Queen played here many years ago. But they sure are great memories!

We’re now planning future events – to fund and publicise the miracle in animal care and husbandry we hope to pull off in the Gower over the next few years with a VIA – Very Important Ally – in our quest to vanquish Bovine TB from this land. Thank you councillor Robert Francis-Davis.”

He added: “Signed sealed and delivered! The new Gower Project is born! Me, councillor Robert, and Rob Stewart, the Leader, to whom all thanks. Forward!! To save the cattle and the badgers all. And end the misery of Gower farmers.”

Mr Francis-Davies said: “Brian May is looking to do something to try and eradicate Bovine TB in Gower, and he’s come down today and wants to work with us to do so. We showed him all round the area. He said the Brangwyn Hall took him back to when he played here with Queen, and he said he didn’t appreciate how beautiful the building was back then. He signed the visitors book, which has also been signed by Queen Elizabeth R! He also visited Gower Brewery and the heritage centre. He loved the area.”