New Gower Adventure



And now a new adventure. A journey to the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. The quest : a very large project to rid this beautiful area of natural beauty of Bovine TB. And not a single wild animal will be killed. This is the application of our discoveries at Gatcombe, which will bring joy to more than a hundred cattle farmers here, and once and for all prove that the Gatcombe strategy works. This is the (re)birth of the GOWER PROJECT. I’ll be spending 3 days here with the Welsh team, now our esteemed colleagues, who will make it happen.

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New adventure – new beverage ! No Guinness here – but this tastes great and is making me jolly ! And how appropriate !! This is Gower Power ! Let’s get to work ! 

Gower Power

Lechyd da !!!

Lechyd da

Great ! Lovely day for sightseeing in the Gower !!

Fitting in some Gower tourism – ancient watermill still rocks, still rolls, and still mills grain in the traditional way.

Gower ancient watermill

This is us working ! Bri and Anne, founders of the Save-Me Trust. And these great guys are our colleagues in the new Gower Project – Ifan and Steve are directors Of the Gower Project – Mission: to eliminate the scourge of Bovine TB in the Gower. Goal : healthy cows and healthy badgers.

Gower Project Ifan and Steve with Bri and Anne

An important meeting for us. This is Viv, a man whose family have been dairy farmers for three generations. He and his wife ran a dairy farm here with nearly a hundred healthy pedigree cows, freely grazing on the rich natural grassland here in Gower. Then in 2009 he lost the whole herd to an outbreak of TB. The heartbreak this family faced is hard to appreciate. It’s our quest to find out why this happened. Often in recent history you’d hear the swift cry “It’s the badgers!”. But evidence now suggests a different answer. We’re here to determine the truth – and, collaborating with this working group of farmers, change the course of history.

With Gower farmer, Viv, and wife

Life takes you in strange routes. Here I am in the beautiful Brangwyn Hall. With the fabulous Brngwyn ‘Empire’ paintings on the walls. Not sure if I fully appreciated the full splendour of all this when Queen played here many years ago. But they sure are great memories ! We’re now planning future events – to fund and publicise the miracle in animal care and husbandry we hope to pull off in the Gower over the next few years.

Bri at Brangwyn Hall

With a VIA – Very Important Ally – in our quest to vanquish Bovine TB from this land. Thank you Councillor Robert Francis-Davis.

Councillor Robert Francis-Davis and Bri

Signed sealed and delivered ! The new Gower Project is born ! Me, councillor Robert, and Rob Stuart, the Leader, to whom all thanks. Forward !! To save the cattle and the badgers all. And end the misery of Gower farmers. 

Bri with Councillor Robert and Rob Stuart, the Leader

Back to the light … back to tourism ! Beautiful at the Mumbles .. and some bloke ..

Bri by lighthouse - Mumble

With the good folks in Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour. My first time ! Yum. And they wouldn’t let me pay! Love ya guys !

At Joe's Ice Cream Parlour

Tired now …. 

Gower evening