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PART 2 of Brian’s Ultimate Classic Rock interview is now on line.

How Freddie Mercury Help Brian May Start His Solo Career Matt Warlaw | Published August 9, 2021

The liner notes for Brian May’s 1993 debut solo album, Back to the Light, note that the guitarist was in a fragile state. “You won’t find much in here about how fab it is to be a rock star in Queen,” he wrote. “But you may find, in contrast, glimpses of someone quite small and insecure. I know him well.”

Still, “Music is joy to me,” he added, pointing out that while he held no “real hope” of finding the light, it was now glimmering “dimly.”

May admits to UCR that although he’s “older and wiser” now, the man who wrote those words almost 30 years ago is still very much present and, in some ways, in the same place.

Back to the Light was recently reissued with a second disc of bonus material, and May is planning similarly expanded versions of the rest of his solo catalog as part of the Gold Series reissue series.

He looks back at the making of the album and the conversations he had with Freddie Mercury as the Queen singer was facing his own mortality, and how those moments helped him find his way as a solo artist.

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