Welsh badgers given respite by John Griffiths


We applaud the courage of John Griffiths in putting plans for the slaughter of badgers in Wales on hold, while a proper investigation is carried out.

Courage – because Elin Jones and her colleagues in the previous administration, along with the militant end of the Welsh Farming community, still mistakenly equate ‘getting on with dealing with the bTB problem’ with the culling of badgers, in spite of the fact that all the available evidence shows that such plans might actually make the problem worse.

We applaud John Griffiths because the more light is thrown on this whole sorry business, the more the public will become aware of what issues are at stake, economically, scientifically, and most important of all – though this has recently been swept under the carpet, ethically. Surely the time has come to evaluate every action of all business interests in terms of how it will affect the planet as a whole, including our threatened wildlife. Moral decisions like this will ultimately affect us all as an evolving species, inextricably linked with our environment.

Thank you John Griffiths, for a reprieve for the entirely innocent badgers of Wales. We believe your decision will benefit ALL animals, including humans.