The power of Vegetarianism


[In reply to a question – see LETTERS]

Wow – I had not heard this about butterflies … amazing!

Well, as for the question of vegetarianism helping animals … yes, I strongly believe that every little bit helps.

Every time we choose not to consume meat, it has an effect. All the small decisions add up to a change being felt in the suppliers, who will order less meat next time, or they will lose money, and every time somebody asks for a vegetarian option, somebody else notices, there is discussion, education, turning more and more people on to the realisation that eating animal fat and drinking milk is not good for you, that it’s potentially bad for their children, it’s bad for global climate change, and it’s causing suffering to millions of innocent creatures.

Eating vegetables and nuts and fruit is a great feeling ! ! !

But it also will change the world … little by little right now … but eventually it will not make sense any more for anyone to choose to eat a piece of an animal.

It may happen quicker than we think … but it needs us all to keep on it.

Cheers !