Vegan KitKat


Eek! This could be a breakthrough!

Vegan KitKat

I’m just praying that the Vegan KitKat will magically taste like DARK KitKat, and not like a milky one. Don’t like milky chocolate. If this is the case, it will hopefully edge me further in the direction of being a proper vegan, rather than just vegan-ish. If not, it’s back to those guilty feelings.

What else is helpful in the quest for a vegan diet? Beyond Burgers, incredible, especially with lashings of fried onions, vegan mayonnaise, and ketchup. And “That’s not Bacon“ – which adds a very tasty colour to breakfast time. And … Chia Pudding – home-made with almond milk. Very refreshing, loaded with the right amino-acids and entirely innocent !

Yes – I was a 100 per cent PROPER vegan on the last QAL tour, but, following my heart attack and the adventures that followed, I was strongly advised to eat eggs and some fish to restore my protein levels. After that, I remained loose about being completely plant-based for most of last year. But now I have the will to come back and complete the circle. But this time approaching it in a gradual and sustainable way. It’s actually unhelpful to be too harshly judgmental on yourself – or on other people – because every step in the direction of eating less animal-derived food helps animal welfare, Planet Earth, and your health. The Kai-Zen approach ! OK folks ?!

Cheers – Bri