3-D and mono selfie – Nottingham

Selfie Nottingham
Selfie Nottingham

Bri’s Selfie Stick Group Experience in NOTTINGHAM in 3-D

Selfie Stick Video |3-D| NOTTINGHAM Arena [January 24, 2015] – Brian May

and in MONO

Brian May’s Selfie Stick Video – NOTTINGHAM Arena [January 24, 2015]

Please note we’re now separating out the selfie stick gig videos, so they don’t swamp the narrative of “Brian Talks”. OK ?

This is my second attempt to record a selfie stick gig video in 3-D ! The rig is now a kind of Meccano-set frame on a stick – designed and built by my pal Grig – which holds two very small GoPro video cameras, the data from which is synched up afterwards. That’s why it takes some time to get them up there. On this particular night Freddie’s Mum, Jer, was our special guest, along with Freddie’s sister Kashmira and her husband. You might be able to pick them out in block A5 ! The audience were brilliant, and performed the required ‘Wave’ function to perfection, as you can see. And maybe my technique is improving ? Apologies once again for the wide format, which makes it harder to ‘free-view’ in 3-D, in the side-by-side format. To make it easier, reduce the size of the video on your screen until it’s comfortable to view, or try out the red and green option. These options are available by clicking on the ‘wheel’ icon at bottom right of the picture. Or you could always just stick with the MONO version !!! Thanks for participating. Maybe we’ll all get into the Guinness book of records !!!

Cheers – Bri

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