Feeling good after Manchester gig


A new BrianTalks Ep now up … a belated nod to the Manchester gig.

Brian Talks Manchester
Brian Talks Manchester

OK … some explanation might help here. This is a different kind of experiment.

As I write, we’ve already left the UK (though we will be back in February).

We’re starting off our European leg in Paris tomorrow night. I never really publicly reacted to the Manchester night, and it WAS pretty special, and had a big effect on me. So I figured I’d like to put up this piece of ‘Talk’. We had problems with the visuals for the message, so we decided to try using a related but not synchronous visual to underpin it.

Hope you enjoy. It’s to say “Bye, dear Countrymen – we’ll be back soon !”

Video Transcript:

Brian Talks Episode 10

BRIAN TALKS #10 – Feeling good after Manchester gig

Is anyone slightly confused ? About the numbering for these episodes ? (apart from me, that is!) Well, we thought that the concert selfie stick moment videos were in danger of swamping ‘Brian Talks’ – which is really a different thing – it’s about me speaking directly to you, rather than capturing a shared moment in a concert. So we’ve now created a separate section for the selfie stick concert moments (often in 3-D as well as mono, now), so we’ve moved the early ones into that new section – called QUEEN CONCERT TOUR SELFIE STICK VIDEOS. This leaves the titles for Episodes 10 and 11 free, so we’re giving the next two Brian Talks vids those numbers. OK ? Confused ? As if !


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