My kinda bike !!! – The Prado – and Gonna tear it up, Madrid


My kinda bike !!! – DO YOU SEE ME ? thanks Technogym. Hmmm … I’m sure I see the Matterhorn … OK – I’m coming back here tomorrow !

Brian May Madrid “My kinda bike” – 09/06/2018

Couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the PRADO museum, so close by in Madrid. Ouch. I was expecting to be blown away by Tiziano, but it was Velázquez who pierced my heart. To me this incredibly painful but exquisitely beautiful painting dominated my whole visit. I felt I was witnessing pain more than anything else in this incredible collection of the works of men with tortured minds. I feel they all struggled to make their inner longings come alive through their work. I came away feeling sad and humbled in the true sense of the word. I feel I have done too little depiction of my pain in recent times, though it’s in my performance every time you see me. Maybe it’s time to go back in and delve deeper one more time.

Christ Crucified - Velázquez
Christ Crucified – Velázquez

Ustedes estan READY ?!! We gonna tear it up !!!

Ready to tear it up - Madrid
Ready to tear it up – Madrid

Buenas Noches Estimados Amigos !!!  Brian May: Madrid

“Buenas Noches” 09/06/2018