What’s this ?


 Aha ! What’s this ? Very Myst-like … love it !

What's this ?
What’s this ?

Ha ha ! Yes you can all laugh !! Back on THIS horse too ! Not sure if I understand this particular Portuguese horse yet. I hope my heart rate isn’t as erratic as its read-out is telling me. Hmmm … Good Morning folks !

Brian May, Lisbon -” Back on this horse too”

And the good ol’ 7 minute workout (thanks guys !)

7-minute workout

Wow ! Luxury ! Swim ! I do 10 lengths no matter what the size of the pool is. This one’s a doddle … and the air is good !!! 

Lisbon - swimming pool
Lisbon – swimming pool

Thought you might like to see my pal Shir. He’s so fit it makes me …. Envious !! Then a very hot shower and a very cold shower and … Breakfast ! Hurrah !

My pal Shir
My pal Shir

Wow ! Lisbon looks beautiful this morning !!

Beautiful Lisbon - arches
Beautiful Lisbon – arches

From Adam’s IG … da boys yesterday with a pretend private plane !!! Ha ha ! Da boys with pretend private plane – 4 June 2018 Nice rehearsal space !

Da boys yesterday + pretend private plane
Da boys yesterday + pretend private plane

Just happens to be where our first show will take place …. soon ! Getting acclimatised to Lovely Lisbon. We’re shakin’ up the show – a LOT !! I think there will be some shock on some faces !!! Ouch ! Some heavy stuff go in’ down ! Ha ha ! Can’t wait !!!

Lisbon rehearsal space
Lisbon rehearsal space

And in stereo … 

Lisbon rehearsal space - stereo
Lisbon rehearsal space – stereo


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