Good Morning’ All !


Good Mornin’ All ! Me in my wam-down mode. No ! – of course I didn’t feel like getting on the bike ! But yes ! – it’s always worth it. I learned from the best !

Brian May: Good mornin’ all – get on your bike 03/01/2019

Golden Globes Nominees banner

Well, it’s a long way from Pluto … and 4 Billion miles from Ultima Thule… but if we win one of these lovely Celestial Orbs tomorrow night I promise you a 3-D picture of it !!! Bohemian Rhapsody the movie has been nominated in two categories – Best Leading Male Actor – for Rami of course – and Best Picture. Amazing. We met many of the voting panel this afternoon – members of the Los Angeles Foreign Press Association – who have already cast their votes. We heard much praise from them for Rami and the Boys (and girl), and for the film and its extraordinary emotional effect around the world. So … wish us luck ? Rog and I and Jim and Rami and Lucy will be at the ceremony tomorrow. This time tomorrow we will know.

URGENT ! Last chance to sign a petition to stop the destruction of an irreplaceable coral reef in Okinawa. Please !

Our Boy ! Rami Malek – part of his gracious acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Awards last week. Tonight we sit at the Golden Globes with fingers crossed !!! But it’s great just to be there. With a number in the hat !

Rami Malek Palm Springs Acceptance Speech extract 03012019

Cheers folks