Biking my way through lockdown


Bri - Biking through

Brian May: Biking my way through lockdown – 18 Jan

Biking my way through lockdown.

I generally try to post positivity on these pages. Haven’t felt much of that in the last few days, so I guess I haven’t been very communicative. I guess I feel if I start spilling my feelings about the way things are right now I will never stop.

Our politicians’ staggering lack of leadership in response to the Covid plague, the idiocy of Brexit, the lies everywhere that spread faster and wider than the truth, the absence of compassion and forgiveness, the blind faith of believing that if you forcibly change people’s vocabulary you will change how they feel and behave … a global society which constantly looks for reasons to throw stones at people instead of looking for the good in them. Trial, conviction and sentencing by social media and mob rule.

In my own case, we are struggling with a bereavement – a death which somehow seems to underline the deaths of so many and so much that we have seen over the last 12 months. Yep – not much positivity there.

In the current situation I’m unable to do my job – of making music – and yet I look out of my window every morning and see the construction industry carrying on as if there was no Covid. These are the folks who are daily forced to cram themselves on virus-ridden public transport, continuing to work, endangering themselves, just so a few rich speculators can get even richer. Next time Boris Johnson talks about saving the ‘economy’, take a moment to wonder what he’s talking about. The small shopkeepers ? The pub landlords ? The restauranteurs ? He’d like you to think so. But then think of the top level business moguls who will benefit from NOT being locked down, and ask yourselves which of them might make the biggest contribution to Tory Party funds, to help him get re-elected next time. Am I being callous ? Well, give me another reason why the construction industry would have been made exempt from the Covid restrictions – and an exemption made earlier on, in the restriction on numbers in groups gathering – for HUNTING ??!

Sorry folks – I can’t get over my feeling of disgust this morning. I’ll try to find something jolly tomorrow !!