The Holy Grail of Solar System Formation ? – New Horizons – What a moment !


Ultima Thule - first picture

The Holy Grail of Solar System formation ? Ultima Thule. New Horizons unveiled this picture 5 minutes ago here in Laurel, Maryland. A virgin primordial bilobial Kuiper Belt Object – imaged for the very first time. A perfectly preserved original building block of the Sun’s family of planets. We are all in awe ! 

Ultima Thule in colour

Ultima Thule in colour ! NEW horizons has determined that this Kuiper Belt Object is reddish in colour. Also very dark – something like the soil in our gardens. It’s also very mottled in appearance – but later NH retrieved images at higher resolution and with more helpful illumination will tell us so much more.

NEW HORIZONS Press Conference right now. Alan Stern spills the beans on this historic encounter with a primordial Kuiper Belt Rock – in fact two almost spherical rocks – or aggregations of pebbles – loosely joined together. To the left, Dr. Stern – to the right, his team’s most astounding discovery so far.

New Horizons Press Conference 02/01/2018

What a moment ! The first moments of the first shoot of Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie – at a perfect recreation of the Live Aid Stage in the middle of a field somewhere out West of London Town. THANKS Bryan Singer, (who was directing from behind his iPhone !!!) for this personal clip.


Beside me you can see Pete Malandrone, my guitar tech – who effectively teched for Gwilym – and our monumentally patient and persistent producer Graham King. Then you see Rami and the boys bounding out to – not a packed Wembley Stadium – but a field of grass and green screens. How incredible the team pulled this off and in the movie make us absolutely convinced we are THERE. Notable is the incredible work by the effects team who recreated the 100,000 audience members and the fabulous old Wembley Stadium and Towers which were long since pulled down and replaced a stadium which in many ways resembles a giant car park !! Thanks to the Bohemian Rhapsody Company, Wembley lives again !!!

Frabjous Day, Calloo Callay !