Amazing welcome, Korea


THANK YOU !!! Dear Korean fans – what an amazing welcome for us arriving off the plane. Actually blew me away – I had no idea – no clue that this spontaneous reception would happen. Wow – screams like that take me back … so much love and emotion, and from a whole new generation. How lucky are we ? I wish there had been time to shake everybody’s hand and share hugs. But thanks so much – and we look forward to seeing you all at the show !!!

– and –

My first conversation on Korean soil – with a very affable AI person, who was being sociable around the airport arrivals area. Video courtesy of Sarina Taylor. Thanks !!!

Brian May and Roger Taylor arrive Seoul Airport 15/01/2020

Too many sensations already to properly communicate. THANKS, dear Korean pals, for all the love – and thanks for the gifts – sorry it was such a brief encounter – we were totally unprepared. Falling asleep a little from journey and jet-lag, but enjoyed some naturally Began Buddhist Temple Food tonight – amazing and indescribable.

S Korea: Bri with Roger waving

S Korea - Bri Give Me A Hug

S Korea gifts - Bri holding drawing

S Korea gifts - oranges parallel
S Korea - oranges cross-eyed

S Korea gifts - oranges

S Korea gifts - Brian and Roger drawing

S Korea - Bri first meal

S Korea - table - first meal

S Korea - Temple Food

Tomorrow – Press conference and rehearsals. And deep breathing !!! Ha ha.

Bri XX