Seoul today


Crazy Seoul Korean Press call – never saw so many flashes in my life ! Very honoured to see such a massive turnout for us. Bless ya ! Kam-Sam-ni-da ! Slick camera work by Agent Ashley !!!

Crazy Seoul Korean Press Call 16/01/2020

Reporting for duty in Korea. Just your everyday Press Conference gear … Photo: Agent Ashley ! 

Bri reporting for duty

Nice to see this young man ! And here we are in the Korea Pleasuredome ! No – I’m misleading you – it’s the SKY DOME ! But sure has a lot of Seoul !!

Adam at the Korean Skydome

Testing … testing …. standing at the sound desk, and peering around this awesome place. This is an indoor baseball stadium – a giant dome. I have that old feeling of … “Wow – are all those seats really gonna be full?” And a rush of gratefulness – that we can still do this extraordinary thing all around the world. It all depends on Keeping Yourself Alive, of course ! Hmmm … And fit !! But this is a great team – they’re all top of their game. Can I say … proud ??

Testing – standing at the sound desk, Korea Skydome 16/01/2020

In case you’re wondering what on Earth we found to talk about in the Korea Press Conference earlier today …Thank Pola Mielewczyks for bootlegging this clip !


My new apparel.

Bri at Press Call in new apparel
Credit unknown – please tell us
"Bri at Press Call in new apparel
Credit unknown – please tell us

A delightful occupation !

Brian May signing Queen in 3-D bookplates, Seoul 16/01/2020

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