Exclusive update on upcoming Queen release


Brian May & Roger Taylor Update on Upcoming Queen Release VH1 Radio Network 6 March 2014


Queen recently announced a tour with Adam Lambert on vocals, but for some time now, they’ve also been compiling some old music they found in the archives with the hopes to release it. We asked guitarist Brian May to tell us more about what they found.

BRIAN MAY: “We have a few songs that we discovered which were sort of stuck away in a drawer and I think we’d overlooked them. Yeah, we have two or three or four or five, I don’t know, but it’s not a whole album’s worth but definitely some significant material and Freddie sounds just so alive and fresh it’s like it was recorded yesterday and we’re playing together a lot of the time, you know. So you hear something which I think people will enjoy. And it’s been a voyage of discovery for us ’cause we thought after Made in Heaven there wasn’t any more Queen material. But, yeah, but there it is and I think you’ll get a kick out of it.”

Since they don’t have a full album yet, would they consider recording with Adam and adding that music to the record? Here’s what Brian and drummer Roger Taylor told us.

BRIAN: “Well you know, anything is possible.”

ROGER TAYLOR: (laughs) “It’s logical. It’s a very logical thing to do so I don’t know.”

BRIAN: “You never know. You never know.”

No word yet on when we’ll get to hear the new music, but you can check out Queen and Adam live when they kick off their tour in June. Get all their dates at BrianMay.com.

TIDBIT: Among the songs Brian has dug up are collaborations between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.
TALKING POINT: Are you excited to hear the music Brian discovered?