Expanded Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference footage


Queen + Adam Lambert: Check out this expanded edit of the Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference that took place last week at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

This edit sees the band discuss the set list, playing in Ukraine and Adam’s relationship with his dad’s record collection!

Full Press Conference, NYC – http://youtu.be/APKDf0GYeh0

Queen + Adam Lambert will reign over a highly anticipated North American summer tour starting at the United Center in Chicago on Thursday, June 19. Brian May, Roger Taylor + Adam Lambert will come together for the first time in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas and more. The 19-date tour wraps Sunday, July 20 in Washington, DC at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, their only outdoor summer concert. The tour is presented by Live Nation.


BRIAN MAY: “We’re very excited, I must say. It’s been a while, but this is a combination, which we feel works really well, and Roger and myself are feeling, you know, it’ll be great to do this one more time. This is what we do. It’s very significant that we’re here in Madison Square Garden; and actually that was my condition for touring. I said to Jim Beach, our manager, ‘Get us Madison Square Garden, get us the Forum in LA and we can do this one more time.’ And, y’know, this is the man to do it with. I’m thrilled to be here and let’s do this.”

ROGER TAYLOR: “We’ve worked with Adam a few times now,” he said. “We had a wonderful tour, a short tour in Eastern Europe and in England, and that was probably the longest we’ve worked. Each time we’ve worked with Adam, it’s just worked very well with our music. He’s the most incredible frontman and we’re delighted to announcing a tour of North America. It’s just such a delight for us.”

ADAM LAMBERT: “At first, it was a little daunting, when we started our first incarnation of this. I was definitely – I was apprehensive. He’s a big idol for me, and I thought to myself, y’know, ‘I hope that the fans dig this,’y’know, ’cause there was a possibility that they wouldn’t. And it felt really good, the reception was warm, the press reaction to it the first time was very warm. And it’s such a treat to get on stage and pay my respects and pay tribute to one of my favorite singers ever, and to sing some of the greatest music ever written.”