Davey the fox cub rules !!


Dear Folks …

I’m back off tour, and to be honest, that transition is not easy. I have lost some days …

But coming back to the wildlife rescue is a joy. I have missed some of these little guys’ childhood … but here’s Davey (Cameron) at 4 months … looking so cute, and very brave and playful …

His brothers and sisters are more shy – I’ll show you them later … Kate, Caroline … Nick …

But Davey is full of beans and … well, how adorable? He’s tiny, and all paws and ears, but already a great tunneller.

Davey The Fox

and in OWL stereo … (try it!)

Davey The Fox - stereo

Anne has brought into care literally hundreds of animals this year … hedgehogs, blue tits, owls, robins, about 20 fox cubs … and two fauns … today just a week old, but they can already stand! Their mother gave birth to them after being hit on the road; she died, but they live on, now getting strong, in readiness for their second chance in the wild.

Bri and Fawn

They are a great distraction from the depression of coming off tour ! How can you be sad when there are such precious creatures in the world?

Til very soon!