Las Vegas Park Theater


Not giving too much away - Las Vegas Park Theater

Not giving too much away ! But the Las Vegas Park Theater looks good already.

Saturday Night we rock !

A Voice Is All You Need - Somebody To Love

A Voice Is All You Need: Queen, “Somebody To Love,” for Amazon Music  

I don’t really like carrying advertising as such … but this is really well done ! Did you notice ? Freddie sings with an American accent here – which he normally didn’t. Why ? Because he’s living his fantasy here – being Aretha ! Very different from Bohemian Rhapsody or Champions. But once you start listening you realise that many British artists sing with American accents all the time ! Can you think of any ?

Brian May: Today I have company – Riders !

Good morning Rockers ! Today I have company in my training. Riders ! OK – I’m Rolling today …. and a final full tech run of our show. Then maybe some night life ! Ha ha ! Well, this is Vegas, right ? Maybe grab a cup of tea and a bun ?! Have a good day folks !