Try Fitness !!!


Brian May: If you’re feeling a bit aimless,… TRY FITNESS !!!

If you’re feeling a bit aimless and flat, as can be with this seemingly endless battle with the pesky coronavirus, TRY FITNESS !!! I came to it late in life, but it’s changed everything for me. It’s a physical benefit, but it’s great for the mind too. Somehow, having a regular exercise regime gives you a strong thread to hold on to. Get advice, and monitor your heart rate to keep safe. I’m not imagining this is a glamorous picture ! But … to Hell with it ! Join me !

Important PS.
If you think you’re too depressed to do this – that’s a very good reason to try it. It’s the best way I know to get through those dark days.

Let’s all make some magic, folks ! But remember Christmas can happen any time anywhere – we just have to wish it.

Thank you Sarah Rugg – surely one of your finest art works. I’m honoured …

Bri - Christmas artwork by Sarah Rugg