George of The Express – Announce special guest


Daily Express reports on coming 6 Aug Bri-TV

Thanks George of the Express !!! I promise you, when the first medals are awarded in the Bri Army – you’re gonna be in the front line !!!

Well this is for you !!!

I can now announce the special guest who will be taking me and my cohorts through the afternoon sessions on BRI-TV this Friday is none other then the one and only extraordinary and notorious singer/songwriter/troublemaker – Star of TV and the Blues Charts – Ms TALIA DEAN ! She and I have been buddies for some years now. Some of you may remember that I single-handedly propelled her wonderful ‘Get Up“’ record with Kings Daughters to chart success ! tee hee ! Well, Talia has already thrown tons of ideas at me for this campaign – in fact BRI-DAY is fundamentally her idea – and she’s vowed to propel BACK TO THE LIGHT into the rarefied air of the upper reaches of the music charts.

We’ll be chatting, answering calls, unboxing and generally making a nuisance of ourselves down at my Studio. That’s this Friday afternoon … at an unspecified time !

In the morning I will be fighting to wake up – but enjoying the privilege of speaking with the brilliant Matt Lucas and the legendary lovely Lorraine – and others – and you can join me at my end while we invite them to guest on Bri-Tv !

For this section the uniquely talented Emma Donoghue will be filming for BRI-TV. Eeek ! Oh ! And, dear warriors of the Bri-Army, please keep wearing and sharing the Bri-Army T-shirt ! I will be sharing !!! Cheers all ! I salute you !!!


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