BBC Countryfile


Andy wrote:


Well done on The One Show!

I assumed as it was Friday, Chris Evans would be presenting the show, but you came face to face with Matt Baker, the main presenter of Countryfile!…..I don’t know if you were aware, but he was brought up on his family’s farm in the North East. His edge of the seat body language showed that he had a real interest in your report. I have suspected for a while that he is fully onside with the farmer’s view on Bovine TB, and without him being hostile to you in any way with his questioning, I suspect that he was keen to try and make things awkward for you at the end, this evident by his last couple of questions and ridicule, for want of a better word, that you can’t relocate farmers.

Well done again Brian!….keep up the brilliant work!

On a lighter note, can we expect anything live musically from you soon?…..solo or Queen???



Brian replied:

Thanks for the comments, Andy.

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