Does veggie eating help animals? and Prince Harry


Adina Ispas wote:

Hi Brian

I am wondering about something – I am not asking this because I want to eat meat or anything, just wondering if eating veggie food actually does anything for animals. It is always a personal decision, and at the moment also very difficult to find a food-processing company that doesn’t also have meat-selling business on the side (or rather, the veggie/bio/organic etc is just for a little extra income, not at all because they believe in fairness to creatures, etc). I consider it a start, but even if one is vegetarian it is virtually impossible not to support the further slaughter of animals, through supporting said businesses. So at the end of the day, it becomes a sort of “but I am doing the right thing” as a means of making oneself feel good.

Now, Prince Harry was in Transylvania the other day and he was reported to have participated in a hunt. It saddens me more than I can say that these figures, these examples, continue to engage in such activities – and on foreign soil no less, where it is welcomed as a source of income as well as a way of us getting under the VIP’s skin. A little girl even lined up “to see a REAL prince”… These “news” are all so biased and emotionally-inducing…
I always try to see the Royals as human beings (some of whom are truly enlightened), but if they just put tradition and symbols above everything, it becomes really hard to do that… And in Britain, I hear they are referred to as “Defenders of the Faith”? Quite ironic…

One of my friends told me about a Science article where it is revealed that the wings of butterflies are made of vortex-structures which are nothing but folded space, somehow. I don’t know any other details – but it cheered me up some. It’s great… 🙂

Take care,

Brian replied:

Wow – I had not heard this about butterflies … amazing!

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